Major Herbal and Flower Oils Seniors Need to Know

Major Herbal and Flower Oils Seniors Need to Know

Oils derived from flowers and herbs, such as Hypericum or borage, are one of the main categories of base oils. Due to their active ingredients, such as essential fatty acids and vitamins, floral and herbal essential oils are in particular demand and are ideal as massage oils or as a basis for massage mixtures with essential oils.


Popular Herbal and Flower Oils:


Evening primrose oil


Evening primrose oil has a slightly musty smell and a fine, even texture. This oil is yellow in color, as are the seeds from which it is squeezed. It perfectly moisturizes and is used in cosmetology for the treatment of eczema.


Evening primrose oil is known for its numerous healing properties.


Hypericum oil


Hypericum oil has a rich red color. Seniors can use it for the treatment of bruises, hemorrhoids, burns, and wounds, it can also be mixed with calendula. It relieves fibrositis and sciatica but can cause photosensitivity, so do not apply it in bright light or in the presence of sunlight.


Hypericum oil is obtained from leaves and petals.


Borage Oil


Borage oil is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of this herb. It has a pale yellow color and smells of pickled cucumbers. For massage, borage oil should be mixed with another base oil, for example, almond oil. Borage oil contains a large amount of gamma-linolenic acid, which is found in all plants that support healthy skin.


Borage is useful for seniors suffering from skin diseases.


Calendula oil

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Calendula oil is made from marigold flowers. It has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It is ideal for treating dry, itchy, inflamed and irritated skin and helps with burns, wounds, scars, eczema, diaper rash and cracks in the skin that are common in old age.




To create your own massage composition to maintain the health and elasticity of your skin, follow these steps:


Mix 10 ml of calendula oil with 10 ml of Hypericum oil.


Dilute the mixture with 60 ml of olive oil.


Add 10 drops of lavender and geranium oils.


Drain the mixture into a container of dark glass and place it in a dark, cool place.


Add a base oil that is beneficial to the skin in your blends of essential oils.

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