Savvy Senior Travelers, Enjoy your Trips, it is Never Late

Savvy Senior Travelers, Enjoy your Trips, it is Never Late

Recently, it is noticed that more people are now buying plane tickets and hocking their rockers. Many senior adventurers are found with lots of enthusiasm and also claim that ‘Travel is the actual fountain of youth’. Seniors or the senior travelers very clearly state that it is never late to enjoy a happy childhood.

Beginning with when to go? Retired people can travel anytime they want, yet shoulder season is the best between April to mid-June or September and October. During this season exhausting things can be avoided such as heat of summer and travel crowds.

Here are a few to note:

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is more for seniors, but there is a need for it. Find exactly if your medical insurance is useful overseas. For instance, Medicare outside the US is of no use; check your supplemental insurance coverage. If you are more than 70, pre-existing conditions may be a problem, but some plans waive exclusions.

Tip: When considering travel additional insurance, concentrate on evacuation insurance covering substantial expense to offer medical care during emergency.


As usual travel light. This is more important for seniors. This makes your look younger. Take fewer clothing and do laundries often, keep your load light. Avoid hauling a big bag and fit all in a suitcase roll-aboard.

Carry extra pair of eyeglasses and bring a magnifying glass to read small-print schedules and detailed maps; a handy notebook, to jot down reminders and facts, such as your Metro stop or your hotel-room number. The anxiety about forgetting details does not clutter your mind.


Take medications in full supply with you in original containers. Filling a prescription and finding a pharmacy is not difficult, but certainly time-consuming. Especially, the nonprescription medications are difficult as overseas pharmacists may or may not be familiar with some brand names. Before leaving ask your doctor to list generic names and equivalent medications.

Very importantly, request an electric cart or a wheelchair at the time of seat booking so that during connecting flights, you need not attempt running unnecessarily. The cramped legroom also may be a concern, so booking early ensures you reserve aisle seats or also splurge to enjoy or economy plus.

Important Tips